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Author Mary Buchanan

AUTOGRAPHED BOOK (Free Shipping): The Wildflowers of Madison County

Sydnee left Madison County long ago with her dreams of love and romance in tatters, but determined to succeed. Now she’s coming home to start the second chapter of her life. Home to friends and family and the wildflowers. But Sydnee isn’t the only one looking for a second chance. As she begins the process of turning a lovely old farmhouse into a bed-and-breakfast, she discovers that the man contracted to do the carpentry is none other than JJ — the high school flame who broke her heart without giving a reason. As old secrets are revealed and friends collude to reignite a romance Sydnee thought long dead, can she forgive everything and find love again?


AUTOGRAPHED BOOK (Free Shipping): Someone Learns How to Cook the Southern Way

THE CUISINE OF THE AMERICAN SOUTH has long held a place in the hearts of America and the world. Whether you’re cooking comfort food for friends and family or you want a little something sweet and delicious for yourself, southern cooking has something for everyone. If you’re a would-be cook who is hesitant, insecure, or challenged in the kitchen, you’ll feel right at home as the pseudonymous “Someone” assures you that any someone can cook the southern way. Even you! You’ll feel as though you’re learning alongside a family member with no shortage of quips and tips. Funny anecdotes and observations accompany the step-by-step recipes for appetizers, main dishes, side dishes, salads, and desserts. With these easy and accessible methods for capturing the southern flair in your kitchen, “Someone” Learns How to Cook the Southern Way is a delicious experience of tradition and togetherness.


Weathproof WMC Sticker: Wildflowers of Madison County, FL (FREE SHIPPING)

Show everyone you’re a Wildflower with this durable, vinyl sticker.


Limited-Edition Cup (FREE SHIPPING): I am a Wildflower from Madison County

Enjoy sipping your favorite tea or coffee while reading your favorite books. Along with FREE SHIPPING, you will receive a FREE GIFT – a WMC Sticker!


Another Limited-Edition Cup (FREE SHIPPING): I am a Wildflower wherever I grow

This is another beautiful cup with a slightly different saying for folks not from Madison County. Along with FREE SHIPPING, you will receive a FREE GIFT – a WMC Sticker. Enjoy!


Both Wildflower Cups (FREE SHIPPING)

Get both wildflower cups with these two different sayings: 1. I’m a Wildflower from Madison County 2. I’m a Wildflower wherever I bloom Along with FREE SHIPPING, you will receive a FREE GIFT – two WMC Stickers. Enjoy!


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